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Write Their Name Under Your Shoe

My 2 year old granddaughter, Zanne had her “Grandparents Concert and Tea” today, which we, as her very supportive grandparents supported of course. The event was very enjoyable and really well organized.

To my surprise, the principal at Zanne’s school reads my blog posts and asked me to stand up. She told the whole audience about my skipping challenge.

Sitting next to me was a beautiful, young granny. I asked her how on earth she could be a granny. She laughed and explained that she is in fact the step-grandmother and that the lady sitting next to the elderly gentleman, sitting next to her husband was the real granny and her husband’s first wife.
The lady sitting next to my husband was her stepdaughter and it was her two kiddies that took part in the concert.

This young step-granny that was sitting next to me is a pilot who owns her own helicopter. She even showed me some photos.

Her story really fascinated me and I realized how many people get divorced and then spend all their energy hating each other. She on the other hand gets along with the ex wive and she supports the kids.
I asked her how she does this so elegantly and she replied that if someone irritates you or if you don’t like a person all you have to do is write their name under your shoe, then you can tramp on them all day long with a nice big smile on your face.

That is some food for thought


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